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Mobile Application Security

As the web became bigger and more powerful in size and functionality, it became lesser secure and more prone to hacker attacks. Fast-paced developer conditions to meet demanding deadlines to fulfill the requirements of functionality often ignore safety. At least 90% of the vulnerabilities that the attacker target, exist in the application itself, rather than on the application infrastructure.
Organizations nowadays introduce applications for their customers (and even employees) to ease the way in which they communicate and conduct activities. Applications including mobile trading, mobile banking, mobile wallet, etc. need to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their customer's data and the availability of their services. I can assist you to identify vulnerabilities in your applications and also provide recommendations on how you can assure that an attacker does not harm your application nor is he able to compromise your customers’ information.

My Approach to Mobile Application Security Assessments

I have a Hybrid Approach to Mobile Application Security tests. This includes Static testing, Dynamic testing, and business logic testing which might exploit or abuse an application's functionality to carry out unwanted behaviors such as privilege escalation, authorization bypass, parameter manipulation, etc.
This assessment is done by pretending as a registered user and also an anonymous user. This process involves building custom threat profiles as per specific profiles. These tests are done for the realization of identified threats and protection against them.

Why Application Security Assessment is important?

These applications expose customer data, financial data, and other sensitive and confidential data over the Internet. With the accessibility of such crucial data, proactive security assurance for these applications becomes paramount. Organizations should unfailingly consolidate application security assessments in their quality assurance program to control the possible risks.
Vaibhav Koli
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